One Degree

One Degree of change. One lifetime of possibilities

One Degree mentors and empowers students from disadvantaged backgrounds by developing their self-belief and transforming their academic performance


June 2018 Newsletter

Read about our programme conclusion and what is next for One Degree over the summer.

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Volunteers are the heart of One Degree. These mentors, ambassadors and teachers give up their weekends to work with students that are quite often brushed aside in their communities or schools. In return for giving these young people direction and support, our volunteers experience first-hand what it means to make a tangible difference in the lives of students that may have been left behind otherwise.

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We believe that A to C grades in Maths and English, together with huge doses of self-belief, are the passports that will change the life direction of our youth. Our weekly sessions, which run for eight weeks twice a year, are worthwhile, fun and full of great people. This experience is guaranteed to benefit students both academically and personally as they participate, work hard and have fun.

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Besides volunteering, there are many ways in which individuals and businesses can support our cause. One Degree can be integrated into companies’ existing Corporate Social Responsibility programmes. Sponsorship can also take the form of collaboration and partnership. We have made it simple for anyone to make an online donation too – every bit of support makes an impact.

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