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Hello community members of One Degree and welcome to our third newsletter!

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For this edition we have a very specific focus for our giving season as our seasonal and final edition of 2015. With our new mentoring programme due to start on the 16th January, aside from getting mentors signed up we want to make sure you are fully aware of the impact we have, as well as all the ways you can help us outside of actually mentoring. This is relevant if you are planning on mentoring and if you are not able to mentor this time around.

A description of the ways you can help will be elaborated on below but here is a quick summary:

  1. Intros to Corporate Social Responsibility programmes
  2. Matched volunteering hours
  3. Service and product sponsorship
  4. Matched funding

Finally, we want to make a special thank you to all the volunteers and donors that have made 2015 possible. More on this in our ‘Final Thought‘.

Thank you for your time and have a fantastic seasonal break,

Roger Wynne-Dyke
CEO, One Degree

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