Read our full January 2016 newsletter here.

Hello community members of One Degree. I hope 2016 is off to a flying start for you!

With our One Degree 2016 now well underway I thought I would use this newsletter opportunity to tell you a bit more about the students on the programme, what we have planned and why joining us on this particular programme may one of the most rewarding journeys we have undertaken.

Our current student cohort has 53 students from 16 different countries proving that One Degree is truly rich with diversity. Over our 15 sessions, running from January until June, we will be challenging these young adults with academics and personal development. This happens both directly and indirectly throughout the programme with help from our mentors, guest speakers, teachers and alumni.

As we begin our time in this new part of London, bringing with it challenges and opportunities, we are eager to learn as well as teach. But from leaving our comfort zone in north west London we can also find out the strength and potential of our ever developing charity.

Even if you are not able to mentor with us this year, please do drop by the say hello, spread the word, wear your One Degree wristband, or simply read this newsletter. Every little bit helps as small changes turn into meaningful impact.

Best wishes,

Roger Wynne-Dyke
CEO, One Degree

Read our full January 2016 newsletter here.