Read our full February 2016 newsletter here.

A Call to all One Degree Mentors!

The first of our three phase 2016 programme is now complete. Our next phase will run for until the Easter half-term break and the students’ English exam and then the final phase will take us up to the students’ two Maths exams.

Now that we have laid the foundations with our 53 students, our programme will be turning up the heat academically for our remaining 11 sessions.

If you are already mentoring with us please do look for more opportunities to join us for extra days if you can.

If you are not yet mentoring on this programme, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please join us for any free Saturdays you can. Although joining us for a full session is more beneficial for both you and the students, there are also options to join us for morning or afternoon only.

Read our full February 2016 newsletter here.