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Welcome to our One Degree community
Hello community members of One Degree. Is it just me or is this year already flying?!

We are now six sessions into our 15 session (minimum) programme. I have to say it is going great! The challenges and rewards we are already experiencing truly sum up what One Degree is all about.

In our last newsletter we started to introduce you to our students. It is now time to get to know our 2016 mentors:
62 mentors have signed up for our 2016 programme. 27 mentors have returned to once again participate, while a whopping 35 new mentors have joined us. Even more exciting is that we have some One Degree alumni who too have become mentors themselves, and not just that but have become some of the most popular among our 2016 student cohort.

Much like our students, our mentor diversity is rich. Of our 62 mentors working with us this year we have 12 different countries being represented, and 23 different professions.

I could not be any more proud to be apart of such an inspiring group of mentors, ambassadors, teachers and students, full of diversity, experience and stories to share. Thank you one and all.

Finally, I would like to wish our fantastic mentor Madhu Murali, who is off on a six month travelling adventure, a safe and inspiring trip. Bring back some awesome tales for us and try and track down Rachel, our travelling Maths teacher, too please!

Read our full March 2016 newsletter here.