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And then there was one…

It is with mixed emotions that I have realised there is only one session left of our 2016 programme at Woodside High School! I am happy that summer is on the way, but on the other hand I am sad that our time with our newest cohort of students is at an end.

What is next for One Degree in both the short and long term? Well, as you read this our students are involved in a busy week of exams. After our final session on the 28th May we have a mentor dinner planned for the 31st May. Thank you to Stax Diner for once again playing host. Then our students will have to wait until the 25th August before receiving their exam results. Finally, our 2016 programme will conclude with our student graduation in September 2016.

From June onwards we are straight into fundraising mode and planning for our next programme which we hope will start in October 2016. 

We hope to see you dropping by for our final session on the 28th May and/or for our volunteer dinner on the 31st.

For me details on how to sign up for our volunteer dinner and graduation read our full June 2016 newsletter here.