A new journey begins…
It has been a fortnight since our 5 year anniversary event, thank you again for joining us and celebrating all that has been achieved…so far.

We are one month away from the start of yet another year of progress for One Degree – for the first time One Degree will be running simultaneous programmes in multiple locations, including the launch of a programme in the Westminster borough.


How you can help…
Although we have impacted 325 students in 7 years, our student numbers have been dependent on our funding, and our new programmes still need financial support. Read more about our fundraising challenges here.

We are currently on the road to setting up several One Degree hubs in all the boroughs we need to be in. These hubs will help students, like Jabba and Miji, access opportunities through our networks, and beyond. But in order to do this we need to secure more sustainable funding. This is possible through our Patron Club.

We are looking for Patrons to help guide us on this journey.

Our new approach allows individuals, like yourselves, the opportunity to sponsor one or more of our students through a One Degree programme.


What you have said so far…
In the last two weeks I have had a few conversations with new supporters and patrons of One Degree regarding our programme costs, transparency and future plans. Read some of the discussed FAQ’s here.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss One Degree in any more detail or if you have any more questions.


What’s next…
If you would like to become a Patron, please fill in your details here and I will contact you with more information.


Read our full update here.