31 sessions, 60 students, 2 schools, One Degree…

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Congratulations to all our students for completing our 2016/2017 programmes. Westminster Academy started their 18 week programme way back in November 2016 amd finished the programme with maturity and respect. Woodside High School culminated their shorter 13 week programme with a celebration dinner at Boondocks this last Saturday – burgers and prizes, what more could you ask for?!
Here is what you can read about this month:

  1. End of programme awards
  2. 83 mentors to thank
  3. A new type of graduation
  4. Development board first meeting
  5. Become a career mentor
  6. Our first Summer school
  7. California dreaming

A big thank you to all our mentors, teachers, supporters, guest speakers, partner charities and sponsors for making this years programmes possible. Of course a big thank you to Westminster Academy and Woodside High School for your partnership.

Think of our students for the next three weeks while they finish their exams!

Read our full May 2017 newsletter here.