8th and 9th August 2017, Hult Business School, London

9 sessions, 1 guest speaker, 30 youth, networking, career mentoring, 2 afternoons…and lots of food!

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The event was made possible by the newly formed Youth Sector Collaboration Board and hosted by Roger from One Degree: Twitter @MyOneDegree@RogerWynneDyke, Insta – My1Degree

Sessions & Speakers:

Tuesday, 8th August 2017

#1 Riaz – Being Successful by Riaz Shah, EY, Twitter – @EYRiazShah, Insta – RaShahUK
“In its simplest form, you can help control your outcome for most events by managing your response. Or put another way: Event + Response = Outcome”

  • Watch some of Riaz’ session here.

Students from One Degree and West London Zone following the YourfeedUK session

#2 Laura – Personal Branding by Bright Ideas Trust, Twitter – @Bright_Ideas, Insta – brightideastrust
“The key to building a successful personal brand is being true to who you are and where you want to get to. Building a personal brand is about capitalising on your strengths and making sure that your message is consistent and visible. Keep it simple and keep it positive.”

#3 Emmer – Social Media by Accenture
“If you are thinking about a career in social media or increasing your social media brand, it is really important to understand consumerism and to maintain authenticity throughout.”

#4 May – CV Clinic & Interview Skills by Academe, Twitter – @weareacademe
“Prepare well, be nice. highlight strengths, proof read.” 

  • Watch some of May’s session here.

#5 Moses – The Successful Failure by Moses Sangobiyi, Twitter – @influencersTSF, Insta – influencerstsf
“Breath of fresh air in a world where everyone focuses on success! We want to provide support systems for when it doesn’t go to plan!”

  • Watch some of Moses’ session here and here.

Guest speaker – Taelen Vorster, Yourfeed, Twitter – @yourfeedUK, Insta – yourfeeduk

  • Watch Taelen talk about Yourfeed here.

Wednesday, 9th August 2017

#6 Zaynab – Money Twist by MyBnk, Twitter – @MyBnk, insta – mybnk_
“Financial education is super important because we want young ppl to understand how money works in this country And how that influences choices. Personally I didn’t have that education and wish  I had that growing up.”

  • Watch Zaynab’s session here and here.

#7 Yasmine – Youth Brexit by MyLifeMySay, Twitter – @mylifemysay, Insta – mylifemysay
“Young people should have a say on brexit because they have to deal with outcomes.” 

  • Watch some of Yasmine’s session here.

#8 Bina – PreparED by Citizenship Foundation, Twitter – @citizenship, Insta – citizenship_foundation
“At CF we encourage young people to be active citizens as we think that’s what makes a healthy democracy, when people are aware and know how to work with it.”

  • Watch some of Bina’s session here.

#9 Phoebe and Zara – Journey of an Entrepreneur: Self-Esteem and Success in Business
by MyPocketSkill, Twitter – @MyPocketSkill, Insta – mypocketskill
“You don’t have to be a straight A student to be what you want to in the future.”

  • Watch some of Phoebe’s session here.

Congrats to Zahra for winning the raffle prize of an iPad Mini! Watch Zahra win here.

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