Yikes! 2 and half months to exams!

Things are getting tense…but we are still having fun!

One Degree Intern Edition

We have reached the half-way mark of our 2017/2018 programme with only 11 sessions to go!

The snow has now cleared, Spring is on the way and progress is brightening up. Have you been involved in 2018 yet?

This newsletter is just a quick update and thank you to all that got involved in our recent activities and a few notes on our future and past events.

Thank you from interns Jasmine and Hope!

updates for you, our supporters, mentors, donors, sponsors and all who are passionate about One Degree’s innovative youth education:


One Degree is currently running an art auction initiated and produced by one of our very talented students. The auction aims to raise money for our end of programme student graduation, taking place in September 2018.

Here is how you can get involved:

  1. Choose – choose your favourite piece of student art work
  2. Bid – place your bid price along with a comment on which piece you are bidding on (numbered 1 to 6)
  3. Receive – The highest bidder will receive the artwork at the close of the auction

(All successful and unsuccessful bids will class as donations)

Your donations will really make a difference!


Our resident DJ Flo gigged in Cohala House on the 10th February!

We believe it is so important to have positive role models in and outside of One Degree and this just proves that they’re everywhere! Well done Flo!

Stay tuned for more music!

#Wearisthelove (get it?)

For those of you that did not manage to grab yourself a limited edition One Degree top, you still have time to order one. All priceeds with go towards our 2018 student graduation taking place in September 2018.
Please contact Hope Johnson for further information so that you can ‘wear’ the love: [email protected]

#VOLUNTEERS – choose when you can help

Here is our schedule for March to June 2018:

Session 11: 10 March 2018 – Maths
Session 12: 17 March 2018 – English
Session 13: 24 March 2018 – Maths
Session 14: 21 April 2018 – Maths
Session 15: 28 April 2018 – English
Session 16: 5 May 2018 – Maths
Session 17: 12 May 2018 – English
Session 18: 19 May 2018 – Maths
Session 19: 26 May 2018 – Maths
Session 20: 2 June 2018 – English
Session 21: 9 June 2018 – Maths
Outing to Thorpe Park: 23 June 2018

Sign up for sessions here!

Spotlight On Alumni – E-DJAY

Our amazing Alumni, E DJAY, performed at Ma Dame in Royal Oak in his debut on the 10th December. From then one, he’s been hosting under 18 nights at the same venue every Sunday! It’s clear he has a bright future ahead of him! Check out his Soundcloud below or contact him directly for more information on his upcoming work: https://soundcloud.com/edjay22