18 reasons to love One Degree in 2018

71% – 86%
This year (2017/18) 86% of our students achieved passes for English and/or Maths, 71% achieved both English and Maths. This is a leap from a predicted pass rate of 47%.
Each year the students and mentors celebrate in style at Thorpe Park. This year was no different. We could fill this newsletter with 18 funny Thorpe Park photos alone!
There is SO MUCH that goes on behind the scenes. You might say we are perfectionists. To Elena, Hope, Elliot, thank you so much for so much hard work and dedication!
Where would we be without our dedicated and enthusiastic teachers? Scratching our heads, that’s where! To Rachel, Heena and Nadeem – thank you so much for going above and beyond to make our sessions engaging, beneficial and fun!
We love our returning mentors as they help us develop and progress as a charity but we are also so pleased when new mentors join the team. In total this year (2017/18 and 2018/19 programme) we had 165 mentors sign-up. That is a ALOT of volunteering!
The cycle continues and giving back is super rewarding. Lots of alumni to thank this year but in particular – Angela, Ana, Elliot, Mousa, Rochelle, and newly graduated Ahmed and Ayanle.
New partner TP ICAP has so far hosted an alumni day at their Liverpool Street branch. In 2019 we hope to join their CSR programme with includes funding and volunteers.
We have lost count of the amount of pizzas that Tops Pizzas have sponsored. We estimate that to date it is over 1000 pizzas! That is approximately £15k. Wow, that’s a whole lot of deliciousness!
Danone social enterprise, Ayem, has for the second year running sponsored 13 students through our programme. We love having their fresh ideas, healthly protein pots and of course, financial support!
For the forth year running Kamal Haider and The Market Securities Foundation have again supported 4 students through our programme. They have become the rock in our annual funding, thank you!
We were again supported by RP Martin in the annual BGC Charity day, which last year, sponsored 20 students through our programme. As only 2 charities that are chosen each year by the brokerage firm, we are so lucky! Thank you Rob Kitchin and your team!
For the second year running the Pignatelli Foundation supported us by sponsoring 3 students through our programme. Thank you Jenni and your team for believing in us!
First time sponsor Lingo Live this year sponsored our student packs for 30 students. Packs include a branded bag, branded reusable water-bottle and all the pens, notebooks and stationery needed.
Thanks to Ech Designs, this new network will enable students access to online mentors. Ideal for students that either haven’t made it onto the One Degree programme or students that need extra support in-between sessions.
Our 10th programme (2018/19) will run for 20 Saturdays from 3 November 2018 to 8 June 2019 and is hosted at the very accessible Ada College, Tottenham Hale on the Victoria line.
This exiting programme will involve 50 carefully selected students from Woodside High School (for the 4th year), Aylward Academy (for the 1st year) and Harris Academy (for the 1st year).
Thanks to 40 donors we reached a total of £15k which was matched by The Childhood Trust to become £30k!
Thank you everyone who participated!
Our programmes are made possible because of our community of supporters, mentors, sponsors, patrons, trustees, teachers, interns, alumni, students and schools. Thank you all!
From Jasmine, Jabba and Roger, as well as all of our Charity Trustees:

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a happy, healthy and successful New Year!

Bring on 2019!