How can children, who have a bleak outlook, be encouraged to realise their potential through mentoring?

Academic performance can very often not improve without an increase in confidence and self-esteem. Combine this with doses of inspiration and aspiration and short-term interventive mentoring can become a long-term life influencer.

What One Degree has proven, since 2009, is that with the help of volunteer mentors, academic and personal development results can be re-directed. A combination of group and one-on-one mentoring, good food, inspirational guest speakers and exercise through team sports can all play a part in a programme designed to uplift, encourage and develop young men and women into enthusiastic and determined young adults.

We are raising £2k in pledges!

This year we are raising £2,263 in pledges to qualify us for a Summer Big Give Challenge. If we reach this target then we can join a campaign especially to raise money for holiday programmes for our One Degree Alumni. 

As we look to bridge the gap between programmes and holiday periods, we will not only be calling on you to help us find funding but also to join as career mentors. 

How pledging works

  • Pledges are promises of funding which contribute to our matching pot 
  • These need be secured by 5pm Friday 20th March.
  • Pledges must not be paid to you until after the campaign has ended – they are conditional funding which you redeem according to how we perform in this campaign.
  • The minimum Pledge amount is £100. 

If you would like to make a pledge then you can do so by filling out our pledge form here.

What kind of mentoring will we need?

  • Guest speakers from industries across London
  • Choosing and planning your career
  • Personality testing 
  • CV writing 
  • Interview skills
  • Work experience days and job shadows

If you would like to express your support then you can do so by replying to this newsletter or emailing Roger here.

21st century skills

As a continuation of the personal development workshops we have been running each morning at our Saturday academic mentoring sessions, our One Degree Holiday Programme will broaden on the necessary skills needed by employees and looked for by employers.

The core of these skills are now termed 21st Century Skills and comprise of the 3 C’s namely, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity.

What’s next?

  1. Make a pledge of funding or help us find pledges
  2. Express your interest to help with these Holiday Programmes here.
  3. Make introductions to anyone you think would like to help in any way
  4. Suggest potential corporate sponsors – this is a great corporate day activity for staff who might not be able to mentor consistently during One Degree’s academic sessions.