Due to current circumstances we have moved One Degree online!

We therefore have two calls to action!

Register onto One Degree’s Online Network

This is a call out to all mentors that have joined any One Degree sessions since October 2019 at some point to please join our online network here!

With closed schools and cancelled GCSE’s we risk losing contact with our 2019/20 students if we don’t offer incentives for them to stay connected with us. You can then imagine how that impacts One Degree as a charity.

You, as our mentors, are their incentive. You are why they joined One Degree and kept coming to the sessions. 
We are now offering online mentoring in the form of career support, personal development, life skills, motivation and, for the students that will have to write their GCSE’s in September, online English and Maths support.
We would love this network to be a safe, beneficial and fun place for students and mentors to stay in touch. 
The more active and the more mentors that are on the online platform, the more appealing it will be for the students, and the more likely they will keep active with One Degree.
Register here!

Once registered you can:

  • Choose the groups you wish to join – for example: career support, English, Maths, etc
  • You can then set your email settings so that you can control the frequency of your notifications.
  • You can then reply to questions when you can, as frequently as you can, and be as active on the platform as you wish.

Pledge your support through our new Big Give Campaign!

To financially cope with these changes we are having to invest in an improved online platform and extended hours of online support.

Pledge your support here