Join our Coronavirus Champions for Children Campaign!

We are raising £2.5k in pledges!

Our online transition has happened to cope with the current situation but we are having prepare for an unusual next few months and summer period!

We need your help!

This year we are raising £2,475 in pledges to qualify us for an adjusted Summer Give campaign we have set up especially for the current circumstances to run online sessions until the end of May, over the summer and in any holiday periods. 

Due to our current programme coming to a premature end and moving online, we need to offer different and additional support for an extended period to help support our vulnerable students.

As this situation has affected more than just our current cohort, we want to offer out support to our recent alumni too, who like us all, are trying to cope with the changes.

Your pledge to donate will help increase our online platform capacity and eventually run additional sessions when in-person sessions are once again allowed.

Make your pledge here!

How pledging works

  • Pledges are promises of funding which contribute to our matching pot 
  • These need be secured by 5pm,1st May 2020
  • Pledges must not be paid to you until after the campaign has ended – they are conditional funding which we can only redeem according to how we perform in this campaign.
  • The minimum Pledge amount is £100. 

If you would like to make a pledge then you can do so by filling out our pledge form here

What kind of online and in-person mentoring will we need?

  • Guest speakers from industries across London
  • Choosing and planning your career
  • Personality testing 
  • CV writing 
  • Interview skills
  • Work experience days and job shadows
  • English and Maths revision

If you would like to express your support then you can do so by replying to this newsletter or contacting us here.

Register to be an online mentor here.