Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to help us!

It honestly cannot be understated how much our small charity relies on generous and supportive individuals like you! We do not always have the time and resources to look after you, our donors, mentors and supporters, as much as we should, but please never underestimate how much we value your support!

Quick update:

We ran our first group online mentoring session on the 14th March, which for those of you that remember, was a week before schools and the rest of the UK went into lockdown. Thanks to our visionary chairman, Riaz Shah, we were one step ahead.

11 online mentoring sessions later and when then hosted our first virtual final session awards ceremony for our 2019/20 programme. For the first time, we offered non-mentors and non-students the opportunity to join us live…albeit it virtually.  Watch our recent programme conclusion here.

Tough summer ahead!

Over the next few months we have a two fundraising challenges – in short we need to raise £12k before the end of August.

A daunting tasks for such a small charity!

We have a combination of the restructured programme of the last few months plus a new programme starting in October which will then be merged with recent students needing additional support, but we know we can do it with your help!

See below how you can help…

Option 1 – Donate now

Our new Champions for Children campaign – Donation Phase 

We need to raise £5k from the 23 June to 30 June 2020 via an additional Big Give campaign – to extend support to those affected by COVID-19 and lockdown.

Donations open 12:00noon, 23 June 2020 to 12:00noon, 30 June 2020:

– If you donate outside of the above dates your donation will not qualify to be match by the campaign.
– Donations have to be made through the Big Give platform here. If you have pledged already then you cannot donate until you fulfil your pledge after the campaign.
– There is no minimum or maximum donation – all donations will be DOUBLED within the above dates!
– At the end of the campaign the donations will be matched by the Big Give bringing in a total of just short of £10k.

If you wish to donate, and any of this is unclear, please get in touch and we can talk you through the process.
Donate right now HERE

Option 2 – Pledge now, donate later 

Our annual Big Give Xmas campaign – Pledge Phase

Pledge now and only donate in December – We need £6.6k in pledges before 28 August 2020:

– Pledges are promises of funding which contribute to our matching pot 
– These need be secured by 28 August 2020
– Pledges must not be paid to you until after the campaign has ended – they are conditional funding which we can only redeem according to how we perform in this campaign.
– The minimum Pledge amount is £100. 
– You will not need to turn your Pledge into a Donation until December/January 2020

If you would like to make a pledge then you can do so by filling out our pledge form here

More details… 

Summer Big Give Campaign

PART 1 – Thanks to you, we raised £2,5k in pledges to qualify us for PART 2 of an adjusted Summer Give campaign we have set up especially for the current circumstances to run more online sessions and extend our support over the summer and in any holiday periods. 

PART 2 –  next we are aiming to raise £4,9k in online donations through the next phase of this Big Give campaign – starting on the 23 June!

Our online programme has now come to an end and we are moving into a period of summer support, 2020/21 programme planning and additional half-term and holiday programmes to fight back what was lost from March to June. Read more about our ongoing partnership with The Childhood Trust here.

The combination of the pledges already gathered and the upcoming donation phase will help increase our online platform capacity and eventually run additional sessions when in-person sessions are once again allowed.

Do not misunderstand – our extended support CANNOT happen without the success of this campaign!

Xmas Big Give Campaign

PART 1 – We need to raise £6.6k in pledges by 28 August 2020. Pledges are promises of funding used to double donations made to you during the live campaign.

PART 2 –  We need to raise £13k in online donations through the next phase of this Big Give campaign – starting on the 1 December 2020!

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to help us!