EXCITING NEWS: All One Degree mentors, new and old, and even not yet registered, from anywhere in the world, will now be able to join our Online Mentoring Programme!

You can now help inspire and support London’s most disadvantaged teenagers by being an online mentor for 3 to 11 of our Saturday mentoring sessions which will run from February to May 2021.

We need support in Maths and English mentoring and on the side you can share your academic, professional and personal journey.

Bringing our network together…online!

As a past or new mentor, you have helped inspire and support One Degree students during our programmes. Now we need you in a different way…

This topic has been frequently asked by past mentors who relocated out of London as well as mentors who signed up to help but either can no longer participate in our in-person programmes or travel restrictions have changed your plans for you. Well, now is your chance to join us…online…and continue your One Degree Mentoring!

Online Mentoring

One Degree Network

Before and during our in-person sessions we offer support via our One Degree Network, our own purpose built online mentoring and networking platform. But now we move our 2020/21 programme fully online to keep our programme alive and our students supported.

Our own Online Mentoring platform is called the One Degree Network.

EXCITING NEWS: All mentors, new and old, from anywhere in the world, will be able to join our Online Mentoring Programme once online training has been completed.

Training Dates

January and February 2021

Your online training will involve attending two online sessions (one from Part 1 and one from Part 2) for new mentors and attending one training session (one from Part 2) for current mentors.

Choose ONE Part 1 Training date – Introduction to One Degree and mentoring
This is for new mentors
(You will only need to attend one of these sessions)

  • 20 January @ 7pm – 8pm
  • 25 January @ 7pm – 8pm 
  • 3 February @ 7pm – 8pm 

Choose ONE Part 2 Training date – Online mentoring update, live discussion and Q&A
This is for mentors that have attended Part 1 Training or are existing mentors
(You will only need to attend one of these sessions)

  • 21 January @ 7pm – 8pm 
  • 27 January @ 7pm – 8pm 
  • 1 February @ 7pm – 8pm 
  • 8 February @ 7pm – 8pm 
  • 10 February @ 7pm – 8pm 

These sessions will involve a live presentation and Q&A. Your screen will not be shared in Part 1 but will be shared in Part 2.

In the lead up to your chosen training date, you will be emailed a livestream link.

Choose your training date here.

Programme Dates

February to May 2021

Each session will begin with a mentor briefing at 09:25 with the format being an online version of our in-person programmes. Here are our Online Mentoring dates:

  1. 6th Feb – Maths Introduction
  2. 13th Feb  – English Introduction
  3. 27th Feb – Maths mentoring
  4. 6th Mar – Maths mentoring
  5. 20th Mar – Maths mentoring
  6. 27th Mar – English and Maths mentoring
  7. 17th Apr – English mentoring
  8. 24th Apr – Maths mentoring
  9. 8th May – Maths mentoring
  10. 15th May – English and Maths mentoring
  11. 22th May – English and Maths mentoring

By late Spring we will then be able to see if we can offer students some summer workshops to help consolidate the One Degree Online Programme and offer them some “Next Steps and 21st Century Skills Support”. 

Choose / plan your session dates here.