Flipping the situation

We are two sessions into our One Degree 2021 Online Programme…and we are learning and improving all the time!

Taking on board the skills employers most want to see in young people within our own development (the 3 C’s of 21st Century Skills) we have evolved the One Degree Mentoring Charitys Online Network to incorporate the following:

Creativity – we are not just running online sessions via Zoom or Google Classrooms but rather our own online community built by involving successful elements from several online platforms…under one safe One Degree umbrella.

Collaboration – we are involving alumni and current students, as well as mentors in improving and learning what works best and how we can match our in-person sessions as much as possible in an online environment.

Communication – the hardest of the 3 C’s at the best of times! Including hybrid learning tools like collaborative whiteboards, video calls, flipped classrooms, break-away small group mentoring after live large group lessons, text chats, session replays and self driven additional lessons, we aim to not just cater for one learning style or exhaust one teaching method.

If you’d like to increase your involvement of our small, high impact, innovative charity as a donor, guest speaker or mentor, get in touch.

Some of you are asking what you can do to help, either in addition to mentoring or without mentoring. Well, there is something everyone can do that would be super helpful!

We are trying to build our Online Platform and Network to include details on our mentors, guest speakers and supporters, what they do, who they are etc. 

We are therefore looking for a 30 second to one minute video on yourself. Yes, I know this is no ones favourite thing to do but by getting out of our comfort zone we are encouraging our students to take risks and be brave. This not only helps students but other mentors might be keen to connect with you too to expand their network.

Here is an example by Mentor, Craig – click here.

All you need to do is record on your phone or laptop and send me the file or link to the file and I will upload it to our One Degree Network – don’t worry it won’t be posted on social media or used other than on our online mentor network. If recording on your phone, it is best to record in landscape (your phone sideways). More tips here.

If you would like to help even more then in addition to this recording, we would also love a similar video but this time on more about the industry you work in and what it entails. This would be another fantastic reference for students. More on this here.

Finally, a reminder that we ONLY have 11 sessions in this programme and we are already 2 session in so get involved as much as you can because it will be over in a flash!

If you are too busy and all you do is share One Degree’s details onto someone else after reading this, that would equally be fantastic!