A complicated year for schools, students and One Degree. But one that most emerged with relief and success!

When determining the student grades this year, it was not a case of teachers giving a general sense of what they thought a student was achieving. Here is how the complicated system worked:

  • Schools had to name all the pieces of evidence for the exam boards, and securely store any pieces completed in the latter part of the year. 
  • There was a process of moderation for all subjects before any grades were submitted, then the exam boards then asked to see specific sets of evidence, to check if they agreed with our judgements. 
  • Heads of Department completed forms for each subject naming the pieces of evidence used.
  • Schools also had to let students know which pieces of evidence were being used.
  • This process was shared in detail with students and parents/carers across several letters home in Spring and Summer terms. 
  • All schools had a centre policy checked and approved 

Quote from the school:

“Ultimately, the students doing One Degree gained the massive benefit of their work because this led into their English and Maths assessments that counted as evidence, much as it would have done for terminal exams in another year – this would have been of huge benefit to them.  I am in no doubt that the students who engaged with One Degree did better than they would have done without it – and that is before we get onto the various other non-academic ways that One Degree benefits students.”

With this being said, we are please to release our results from this year. These results are being audited into a full final report with more stats, but for now please see the below:

*The first % indicates the entry point % total that the students were on. This is gathered from a combination of predicted and teacher-assessed grades.

**The second % is the final grade total

All OD Participants:

English Language
34% → 81%

English Lit
(Not enough info provided) → 66%

25% → 76%

Core OD Participants:

English Language
29% → 90%

English Lit
(Not enough info provided) → 81% 

43% → 86%

A huge well done and thank you for all your work in making this happen. It is clear year after year that our mentors and teachers – MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE.