We (finally) have lift off!

Thank you for your patience while we navigate a new post COVID world, a new hybrid One Degree and an increased level of school protocols.

While we are still working out some of the finer details of our 2021/22 programme, we can at least now give you the programme framework and help you get prepared!

The below will outline:

Mentor Training Dates – from October 2021

One Degree Programme Dates – from January 2022

My One Degree Network Registration – start now!

Ways You Can Help Before Programme Start – December 2021

Let’s get started!

Choose your training dates

We have a series of training dates now available for the remainder of 2021. You can find these dates and sign up for your preferred date here.

Here are your steps:Get a One Degree Overview – Watch our mentor training videos here and take the quiz. This will need to be done in order to attend our online training please.Get introduced to our online platform and run through some mentoring scenarios – Choose one mentor training slot in October or November hereHelp us prepare and meet some mentors – Choose either Saturday 8th January or Saturday 15th January here (if available) to assist with set up, run through some in-person scenarios, and meet some fellow mentors.

Please note that both new and returning mentors will need to attend an online training session to learn our updated systems.
Mentor Training Dates

Choose your mentoring sessions

Our prgramme start date is planned for the 22nd January 2022:Choose as many mentoring sessions from the 22nd January 2022 here One Degree is a hybrid programme meaning some sesisons will be online only, some will be in-person only and some a combination of both.There are four options per date – One Degree Maths & English and One Degree Maths and English (Online) – you can choose one or all of these depending on your flexibility.

Please note that we do not yet have these sessions classifed as English or Maths sessions yet but it would be helpful to get a sense of your availability for both online and in-person sessions as this may help us determine what the session will be. You can always remove your name should you change your mind.
Mentoring Sessions

Register on the ‘My One Degree Network’

We have built our very own Online Mentoring platform over the last 3 years (yes, we started even before COVID!). This will be the place we host online session, communicate with students, get students to submit assigments, complete quizzes, watch replays and more.Register your details to our online mentoring platform here.

Please note unless you are already a fully regsitered and traned mentor, for safeguarding reasons we will not approve your account until after your mentor training, but we would like your registration as ‘pending‘ so that you are ready to go when we are ready / at or after your training session.
Register on the My One Degree Network

Big Give Xmas Challenge

One of the reasons for the delays this year is the availability of funding for charities like us, and for the schools we work with.
Our annual Big Give Christmas Challenge provides half of our annual funding! So it is a big deal for us!Campaign open 12:00 noon, 30 November 2021 to 12:00 noon, 7 December 2021Have a look at our campaign page here.If you think you might be able to donate during these dates then click below to send us an email, then we can send you a reminder closer to the time!
Let Us Know If You Can Help