Available to Mentor? Read on…

You may have already signed up for One Degree 2021/22 or you may not…either way you can help!
We are looking for returning and new mentors – can you spread the word or sign up yourself?

Read on below for details on our upcoming programme…

1. Join the 2021/22 programme list

First step – join the 2021/22 mentor mailing list HERE.

2. Choose your training dates

We have a series of training dates now available for the remainder of 2021. You can find these dates and sign up for your preferred date HERE.

Here are your steps:

  1. Get a One Degree Overview – Watch our mentor training videos HERE and take the quiz. This will need to be done in order to attend our online training please.
  2. Get introduced to our online platform and run through some mentoring scenarios – Choose one mentor training slot in November HERE

Please note that both new and returning mentors will need to attend an online training session to learn our updated systems.

3. Choose your mentoring sessions

Our programme start date is planned for the 15th January 2022:

  • Choose as many mentoring sessions you want from the 15th January 2022 HERE 
  • One Degree is a hybrid programme meaning some sesisons will be online and some will be in-person
  • Some sessions will have an online and in-person option – only choose the online option if that is all you can for that date
  • Sessions will be designated as English or Maths – you can mentor both subjects or choose one.
  1. 15 January: In-person – English
  2. 22 January: In-person – Maths        
  3. 29 January: In-person – English
  4. 5 February: In-person – Maths        
  5. 26 February: Online Mentoring – Maths        
  6. 5 March: Online Mentoring (Back up) – English            
  7. 12 March: Online Mentoring – English
  8. 19 March: Online Mentoring – English            
  9. 23 April: Online Mentoring – Maths        
  10. 30 April: Online Mentoring – Maths                    
  11. 14 May: In-person – English            
  12. 21 May: In-person – Dual session – Maths and English
  13. 4 June: In-person (Back up) – Maths                    
  14. 11 June: In-person (Back up) – Maths