Another tough year for schools, students and One Degree. Students started their year knowing that GCSE grades would drop across the board in the Summer of 2022 following the inflated COVID grades of 2021.

We are pleased to release our results from this year. These results are being audited into a full final report with more stats, but for now please see the below:

*The first % indicates the entry point % total that the students were on. This is gathered from a combination of predicted and teacher-assessed grades.

**The second % is the final grade total

English Language – 37% ➜ 78% passes

English Literature – 38% ➜ 77% passes

Maths – 31% ➜ 73% passes

Total – 34% ➜ 76% passes

A huge well done and thank you for all your work in making this happen. It is clear year after year that our mentors and teachers – MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE.