Congratulations to all students that have been accepted onto One Degree 2023!

Make sure you tell your parent, guardian or carer that you will have to attend One Degree on the below dates and please keep these Saturday mornings free for this programme. There will be lots of other Saturdays free for you to play sports, see friends and catch up on other studying. 

PART 1 (all in-person sessions are compulsory)

  • 21 Jan – Maths (In-person)
  • 28 Jan – English (In-person)
  • 4 Feb – Maths (Online)

PART 2 (all in-person sessions are compulsory)

  • 25 Feb – Maths (In-person)
  • 4 Mar – Maths (In-person)
  • 11 Mar – Maths (Online)
  • 18 Mar – English (In-person)
  • 25 Mar – Maths (In-person)

PART 3 (all in-person sessions are compulsory)

  • 15 Apr – English Focus + Maths Support (Online)
  • 22 Apr – English Focus + Maths Support (Online)
  • 29 Apr – Maths (Online/In-person)
  • 6 May – English (In-person)
  • 13 May – Maths (In-person)
  • 20 May – English (In-person)
  • 27 May – Maths (Online)
  • 3 June – English (Online)
  • 10 June – Maths (In-person)

In-person sessions will be held at Ada College, Broad Lane, Tottenham Hale, N15 4AG. A coach will collect you from the front of Woodside High School at 8.50am and return you to Woodside High School after the session between 1.30pm and 2.00pm. Please note that the coach must leave on time, so it is your responsibility to arrive on time.

Online session will be held at
To access online sessions, you will need access to a PC or laptop with a microphone, webcam, and internet access capable of streaming a live meeting link. Please get in contact with your school if need help with this.


Your next steps (some of these you will have already done so if you have done them then you do not have to do them again):

  1. Make sure you tell your parent/carer that you will have to attend the above dates
  2. Login here: – email [email protected] if you need the password
  3. Part 1 Survey – Complete your student entry survey here
  4. Sign your student agreement here
  5. *Register for the One Degree Online Network here – this is a separate registration to the student application form you will have completed already and you will ONLY be approved if you have completed your student application form here and signed your student agreement here.


Email [email protected] if you need to check which of the above steps you still have to complete.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon!