Watch the full awards ceremony which took place on the 10th of June 2023.

One Degree 2023 – Student Awards

(based on sessions attended, points accumulated, feedback gathered and communication provided)

Student of the Year – Nyre and Aleksander

Maths Award – Teo

English Award – Charlie

21st Century Skills Award – Aleksander

21st Century Skills Commendations – Yahya, Yasin, Hanad and Evin

21st Century Skills Other Mentions – Dina, Charlie, Teo, Alia, Aleksander

Attitude and Commitment Award – Rhea

Attitude and Commitment Commendations – Yahya, Teo, Hanad, Aleksander, Nyre, Evin

One Degree 2023 – Mentor Awards

Volunteer of the Year – Grace

Mentor of the Year – Lara