To add to our core GCSE hybrid programme (which has, up to now, included in-person Saturday sessions and online Saturday sessions) and expand our support to more ad-hoc students, we are now able to offer ad-hoc online midweek evening mentoring.

The purpose: to offer students more flexibility and support, plus provide mentors more options to help.

What this means for mentors:

  1. This is optional – you can be a midweek evening mentor in addition to or in place of Saturday online / in-person mentoring
  2. This is flexible – with no set days and times, you can make yourself available based on YOUR schedule and you can update availability with our new integrated calendar system (training required here)
  3. This is innovative – during our 30-minute 1-on-1 training we will run through this new addition to our custom-built online mentoring platform where you can a) connect your personal and work calendars b) select provisional availability and c) be booked by One Degree students based on their availability, your availability or by mentor speciality. This also now extends to supporting One Degree alumni.

With this in mind, before deciding that you no longer have time to mentor for One Degree, please consider this new option either in addition to your current mentoring or in place of your current mentoring.

Book a training session today here!