We recently caught up with One Degree alum, Laurence, on his journey in fashion design.

“My name is Laurence and I am the owner and designer for LEM CLOTHING, a brand that I started in 2018, but was conceptualised a couple of years before that. My designing stems from my interest in sneakers which then developed into an interest for fashion. When I used to go to my local youth centre, I met a university student that was studying fashion. I expressed to her my passion for footwear design and she gave me the email of a Nike designer in the Oregon headquarters. During that time I would email them my designs, just to get their feedback. I later developed a good relationship with the brand and collaborated with them on a few pieces. However during this time, I understood that if I wanted to make my own footwear I would be considered as a competitor to Nike. So, I started designing T-shirts. The LEM CLOTHING logo was designed in my bedroom during New Year’s Eve with my mindset along the lines of “It’s the best time to put in the work when everyone parties now”. I guess it paid off, because 6 years later, it’s still up and running. On the other hand, I moved to Philippines for a year to study. I spent most of my time there alone, not knowing the culture or speaking the language. However, I would say this was the time my designs elevated. Having time alone, I would constantly design and research types of materials, as well as all sorts of shapes and sizes. After returning to London, I saved up enough money to then register LEM CLOTHING, and the journey continues.“

Look out for some of Laurence’s designs in the One Degree shop!

Check out LEM CLOTHING here: https://lemclothing.co.uk/