One Degree’s ONLINE SHOP: Raising funds for student mentoring

Why our clothing brand is different and how you can help us by supporting it:

  1. Circular fashion – Customers who have bought our products can scan the QR code on their products to send them back, and if they have any other 100% cotton items of clothing that are worn out, they can include these in the package too. Returned items are sent to the Teemill recycling factory where the material is shredded and respun into new recycled yarn mixed with 50% organic cotton for strength and durability.
  2. Low impact – We’ve produced our products using water-based inks with low-waste printing technology. 
  3. Renewable energy – We only use natural materials in our products and renewable energy is used throughout our supply chain. 
  4. Certified organic – We make everything responsibly using certified organic cotton in a Teemill carbon-neutral factory. 
  5. Plastic-free – We’ll ship it out to you in plastic-free packaging..

And, all of this would not be worthwhile if we weren’t fundraising at the same time. All profits go directly to One Degree programmes!