One Degree addresses educational inequality with remarkable effectiveness.

By mentoring and empowering students from disadvantaged backgrounds, it significantly enhances their academic performance and self-confidence. Through structured programs closely aligned with schools, One Degree has consistently turned predicted pass rates into outstanding achievements. One Degree’s dedication to regular student attendance and engagement has led to notable improvements in grades and exam performance, demonstrating a profound and positive impact on the lives of young people.

Supporting One Degree means investing in a cause that directly tackles youth poverty by improving educational outcomes and providing essential mentorship. This charity helps students achieve crucial grades in subjects like Maths and English, which are vital for their future opportunities. With a proven track record of boosting student performance and fostering a supportive community environment, One Degree transforms academic trajectories and changes lives, making it an exceptional candidate for support and investment.

Over the past 15 years, One Degree has delivered impactful programs with impressive results. We have helped 823 students achieve an average 71% pass rate, significantly higher than their predicted 35% average. In the 2022-2023 academic year, our students achieved a remarkable 92% pass rate in Maths and a 91% pass rate in English, significantly exceeding the national average. Our structured approach and close collaboration with schools have enabled students to increase their potential, consistently achieving grades that open doors to future opportunities. This success is made possible by the dedication of our bank of 721 volunteer mentors, who provide invaluable support and mentorship to our students.

Looking ahead, One Degree is transitioning to a majority online program to enhance its reach and sustainability. This shift is aimed at reducing the cost per student while increasing the overall impact. By moving more online, we can expand our services beyond London, reaching more students across the UK and achieving greater penetration. While our historical focus has been on in-person delivery in London, the benefits of online mentoring allow us to scale our impact nationally.

Our purpose-built online platform, developed and tested over six years, combines the elements of a youth LinkedIn, mentor networking, e-learning, online classrooms, gamification, video mentoring, academic support, career mentoring, live-stream lessons, on-demand resources, and more. This comprehensive platform enhances the learning experience and provides robust support for students and mentors alike.

Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19 and recent fundraising hurdles, One Degree has continued to innovate. The launch of a 15-week trial of a 7-day-a-week online mentoring calendar has been a resounding success. This initiative has expanded access for students and mentors, enabling more ad-hoc mentoring than ever before. The positive outcomes have exceeded expectations, and we are now seeking funding partners to help us reach even more students through this flexible and effective mentoring method.

The transition to a more sustainable model, with a focus on online mentoring complemented by in-person workshop elements, is crucial for our continued success, and by adopting a predominantly online approach, we can increase the number of students we support and improve the across-the-board impact.

By supporting One Degree, you are not only helping to create a brighter future for students but empowering them to achieve their dreams and break the cycle of disadvantage. You are also investing in the growth and development of our innovative online platform, something that can be scaled and replicated to assist similar charities and beneficiaries.