Alumni Vacancies

Job Title Job shadows, work experience, internships, apprenticeships, paid part-time & full-time work

Reporting to CEO

Location London

Remuneration Voluntary & paid

So you have completed a One Degree programme, what’s next?

Your One Degree journey does not end once you complete a GCSE programme. There is so much more it get involved in –

  • you can become a One Degree ambassador and pass on your experiences to new students;
  • you can become a One Degree mentor and help new students with English and/or Maths revision;
  • you can sign up for career mentoring and receive your very own personal development and career development mentor;
  • you can join our summer workshops and training where you will gain skills in CV writing, interview techniques, career choices, university advice and so much more;
  • you can join our alumni board and help shape One Degree’s future;
  • and you can even become a junior trustee on our charity board.

The choice is yours.

For starters, sign up here!