One Degree relies on the support of the community it operates in to make a measurable and meaningful impact in the future of youth who are vulnerable to academic (and ultimately, economic) failure. Whether you are a concerned individual or a large corporate, you can make a difference!

Programme sponsorship

The One Degree Mentoring Charity does things on a small personal scale but with massive impact. Why? Our reach is directly proportional to your funding.
But our impact is not just massive, it is also priceless. Because how can you put a cost of a life-changing direction. But if we had to put a cost on it then we have saved the economy over £50mil for only £800 per student per year!
(Don’t believe us? Read more here)

This has been done since 2009 with little fuss and often under the radar. Unfortunately, our charity is facing the economy crunch like everyone else.

Imagine knowing that you can help redirect a young person’s life and have a reliable way to do it.

One Degree is looking for corporate sponsors with a bigger vision to support us one programme at a time.