Become a One Degree Mentor

Volunteers are the heart of One Degree. These mentors, ambassadors and teachers volunteer on selected Saturday mornings to work with students that are quite often brushed aside in their communities or schools. In return for giving these young people direction and support, our volunteers experience first-hand what it means to make a tangible difference in the lives of students that may have been left behind otherwise. Traditionally, our mentors are young London professionals. These passionate and successful volunteers are patient, empathetic and considerate as they help struggling GCSE/Year 11 (15/16 years old) students. To provide continuity for students and allow them to bond with mentors, we ask each volunteer to assist for a minimum of three sessions.

What it takes

Anyone who meets the following criteria is welcome to apply:

  • Able to volunteer a minimum of three Saturdays per programme
  • Patient, empathetic and considerate
  • Willing to participate in group activities and sports

Important Note! You do NOT need exceptional skills in Maths or English, or previous mentoring or teaching experience to be a One Degree mentor.

What’s in it for you

Our dynamic programme makes volunteering at One Degree a fun and stimulating way to spend your Saturday. You will be able to interact with people who share your passion and have the opportunity to listen to fantastic, inspiring speakers. Participating in this environment will broaden your personal horizons as you make a meaningful impact and help to develop tomorrow’s leaders. You will also gain new communication skills that can be used in your business and personal relationships.

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Case Study
Myron – 2015

Myron joined One Degree in 2014. He was on E for Maths and a D for English when he first started school in London but with One Degree’s help he got B in maths and B in English. Myron told us that he felt very lucky to be on the programme as it was an opportunity he didn’t want to take for granted. Improvement in English and Maths also helped him in other subjects as well as with his communication skills.

Become a Mentor

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