Become a One Degree school
Sometimes we contact schools and sometimes schools contact us asking for partnership. We run a 10 and 15 session programme every year: one in autumn and another in winter/spring.

What it takes
You need not be a struggling school, you need not be in a struggling area, but you need to aspire to better grades. Besides that, we require the following from schools that wish to partner with One Degree:
• Collaboration with teachers and the head is essential
• Commitment to each other’s goals and principles
• Reinforced discipline throughout the programme
Important Note!
We are NOT looking for high grade students, just high aspirations.

What’s in it for you
Schools that participate in the One Degree programme experience improved class and exam results and increased student participation at school. Our students emerge with more confidence and self-belief and are better able to interact socially with their peers.

In the long run, One Degree has the potential to help improve the overall image of your school. We also give the schools that partner with us access to our linked programmes.

We have successfully worked with the following schools since 2009:
The Crest Academies
Preston Manor School
Newman Catholic College
Capital City Academy
Woodside High School

Teacher Testimonials

“One Degree offered pupils a unique opportunity to learn key skills for their English exam in a really supportive environment. Working with mentors from business really helped pupils focus on the importance of achieving their GCSEs and working hard. It was an invaluable experience for many.”

“One of our pupils was predicted a mid-D grade at the start of One Degree. He achieved a B in English which, considering all the government reforms, is remarkable.”

“The students came to English on a Monday excited to share what they had learnt on a Saturday at One Degree. By Easter we had pupils asking if they could join the programme.”

“As Maths teachers, we noted an increased engagement from the students involved in One Degree. Students who had never before considered themselves as likely candidates for GCSE success now realised that it was within reach.”

“I have worked with One Degree for 3 years and have been deeply impressed by their commitment to the cause of academic and social success in areas of high disadvantage. They have a unique, strategic and successful approach.”

“They work in close alignment with the school and offer the boys a structured, fun programme that boosts their exam performance. Crucially, One Degree also provides a ‘can do’ attitude and ensures that motivational speakers add the extra self-belief that can often be a barrier to achievement. This year, there was a clear step up from the boys who were involved in 1D as exam season approached. This undoubtedly enhanced their performance. I look forward to continued and increased collaboration in the months and years ahead.”

School references:
Newman Catholic College
Woodside High School

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