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We believe that A to C grades in Maths and English, together with huge doses of self-belief, are the passports that will change the life direction of our youth. Our Saturday sessions are worthwhile, fun and full of great people. This experience is guaranteed to benefit students both academically and personally as they participate, work hard and have fun.

What it takes

We do not force our students to join One Degree. However, those who are selected and commit to the Saturday mentoring programme are expected to participate on all sessions. Our sessions are worthwhile, fun and full of great people. It will be an experience guaranteed to benefit you both academically and personally as long as you participate, work hard and have fun! This is what we look for in a One Degree student:

  • Commitment to participate in an entire programme
  • Respect for our volunteers, your peers and yourself
  • Willingness to try new things and new ways of doing things
  • A desire to improve your situation

Important Note! – We are NOT looking for high grade students, just high aspirations.

What’s in it for you

In the short term, you can look forward to improved class and exam results. You will also enjoy more social interaction and be better equipped to participate at school. We believe that the way you feel about yourself, school and life matters just as much as your grades though. That is why our programme also aims to boost your confidence, sense of well-being and help you believe in yourself.

One Degree will give you access to valuable contacts through our mentors, ambassadors and guest speakers. We also give our students opportunities to get into internship, traineeship and volunteering.


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About Us

Javine joined One Degree in 2021 – “One Degree was an absolutely incredible experience for those who need support in their studies and I had an exceptional time! During GCSEs It was a time of struggle and stress but one degree solved that by giving me a revision Timetable to minimize the workload which gave me a better PMA to my learning! One degree provided me and my classmates with helpful and fantastic mentors and tutors who used their own time to help improve my grades which I am extremely grateful for. I have now passed all my GCSEs with high grades which have given me confidence in my studies. I am truly privileged to be a part of the One Degree family!”

Angelica joined One Degree in 2020 – “One Degree was such an amazing and special experience that I was given the opportunity to do, they really supported me and helped me and others for our struggles and problems we had with Maths and English. One Degree was very helpful and understanding and they would keep me on track and made sure I was up to date with my work. They provided me with many good opportunities, and they helped me stay focused on my studying and helped me with my nerves when I was stressed and panicked for my GCSE. The mentors were very helpful and provided a good teaching program. One Degree as a whole made me confident for my GCSE and successfully prepared me.”

Titi joined One Degree in 2019 – “It was truly an honour to be in these classes, even the online ones, and I’m sure the rest of us who remained to see them through to the end can say the same. I am looking to come back as Alumni! I hope you’ll let us come back as we are both eager to see the future generations of students, who we hope to be as big a knowledge-seeker as we were. This programme has opened my eyes, from just how much I’ve learned in my time here to just how much there is I don’t know about networking and such, and it’s really inspired me to get out there and see just what’s out there waiting for me, for all of us, in the big wide world. I couldnt’ve asked for a more better tutoring programme to while away my last years as a teen. I can say for all of us that it’s been a pleasure to learn here.”

Aysegul joined One Degree in 2017 – “One Degree was exceptional in supporting me with my struggles with Maths in particular; I would not have been where I am nearly at the start of my career without their help in my Journey. One Degree not only impacted my studies, and as a result, I passed both of my GCSE English and Maths due to their timetabled and well-visited session, but it also developed my social skills further. My enhanced social skills have served me well during university, and they are a great advantage to use in the workplace and beyond. Moreover, the mentors who dedicate their weekends to helping students like me mean the world as I plan to give back in the near future, whether helping and talking with students and directly engaging with their studies. Therefore, I am looking to come back to OD as an Alumni” and cannot wait to see where the future holds.”

Eliott joined One Degree in 2016 – “When I joined the One Degree programme, I wasn’t expecting it to be more than that. It has helped me to be more confident and to improve both of my Maths and English. The whole team would always ask me questions about my future career and was always supportive. I’m currently studying Music Production and DJ Skills at Point Blank Music School in London and I want to thank One Degree and the team for believing in me and others. More than just a programme, a family.”

Myron joined One Degree in 2015. He was on E for Maths and a D for English when he first started school in London but with One Degree’s help he got B in maths and B in English. Myron told us that he felt very lucky to be on the programme as it was an opportunity he didn’t want to take for granted. Improvement in English and Maths also helped him in other subjects as well as with his communication skills.

Majid joined One Degree in 2014 – “Before I came to the One Degree Programme in 2014 I was nearly kicked out of school, I was involved in a lot of gang activities and I was failing my GCSE’S. As a result of the One Degree Programme I decided to change my life for the best and through hard work and dedication, I passed my GCSE’S. And now I have graduated from one of the top Universities in England with a 3.7 GPA. I just want to say thank One Degree for everything.”

Basit joined One Degree in 2010. He was failing his English and Math’s GCSE’s. With low predicted grades, he needed some guidance to achieve his unrealised potential. Through the dedication and perseverance of the One Degree volunteer mentors, he not only passed his exams but he achieved a B in English and B in Maths. Basit is now studying Aerospace Engineering with Pilot Studies at University, something that simply would not have been possible without these grade improvements.

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Becoming a student is easy and there are many willing past students and mentors available to help you out and lend advice.